Decolletage Rejuvenation

The Decolletage (Decolleté) area is a vital and sensitive part of a woman’s body.

As women age, the effects of sun-damage and ageing take its toll on this delicate area.

At Skin Etc, we appreciate that like the hands, this area can be a tell tale sign and can be distressing for many women. The rejuvenation of the decolletage (décolleté) can restore confidence both physically and psychologically. And so we have perfected a range of options that can be helpful.

Various treatments can be employed to improve the look of the decolletage (decolleté) such as medical grade moisturisers with SPF such as Daily Moisturising Protector SPF25 from Agera Rx..

For Age- spots the use of a Pigment controlling product such as Agera Rx Phyto-lightening Cream and Mag C Peptide Serum can be helpful.

Chemical Skin Peels can also be used to freshen up the skin and stimulate collagen production.

The use of Sculptra is a unique way in which the collagen and support of the decolletage (décolleté) area can be restored naturally.

Sculptra is a collagen stimulator that is known for rejuvenating faces, restoring volume and restoring the plumpness and soft tissue of the hands.

When injected gently around the decolletage (décolleté) it helps restore the natural look of the area, eliminating crepiness and those ageing vertical lines. The results are gradual and 2-3 treatments may be needed, but the results can last for upto 4 years!!